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Here are interior pics of my RV and studio. The specs are at http://www.jayco.com/products/fifth-wheels/2015-pinnacle/36fbts/

At the end is my easel.

The motorized 50 inch TV lifts out of the table. Next to that is my iPad showing the time and weather. With a wireless mouse and keyboard hooked to my Macbook, the TV mirrors it via HDMI. Subwoofers are behind the couch.

There is my Samsung residential size fridge. The microwave is also convection oven so I can bake potatoes at 400 degrees, or brown up a pizza. Behind the smaller door is my pantry. Next to that is the downstairs bathroom.

I made planters above the moulding to hold various silk greens.

This pedestal holds my computers. Below on the side are my two Thunderbolt dual hard drives. To the left is my movie laptop hooked to the TV. To the right is another Macbook on a swivel arm so that it adjusts to any canvas position. I have an iPad above for extra images while I paint.

This is where I do content creation. A platform over my recliner holds my content-creation workstation. I digitally paint on a Wacom Cintiq 13HD display tablet
with a 15 inch Macbook Pro Retina. I sit down, grab the platform off the floor with its handles, lift it over my lap, and I'm off to work. That carpet to the left under the easel keeps me from getting paint on the main carpet.

Here is the downstairs bath.
That's a de-humidifier on the sink. It drains into the basin.


This fireplace actually puts out enough heat to take care of the whole RV in chilly nights. A blower pushes out electric heat. Remote controlled of course. Both the vertical and horizontal panels pull out for storage.

This is a huge Photo-studio fluorescent for natural light. It's the equivalent of a 450 watt tungsten bulb. I have one on each side.

I got these decorative millwork pieces from Architectural Depot dot com.

King-size bed. I added more decoration over the top.

This I kept from my old RV. That's the bedroom TV next to it. I'm going to install my home theater here soon.

You know me an my gilding.

Finally lots of space in the bath. Walk-in closet. When you slide the mirrored doors open, the closet lights up. Yes I use both sinks for different purposes.

Nice roomy shower with a seat inside. High-end shower-head.







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