Stafford RV Park, Scotia, CA

It was time for a change, so I traveled North and found Stafford. This is the prettiest RV park I've stayed at so far. It's just outside The Avenue Of The Giants in Humboldt County. The area fits me perfect. Thus, I got a more permanent RV and also, in back, what's called a Junior Barn for my art studio.


Here is my new 2015 Jayco Pinnacle 5th wheel. 38 feet long. That's the 8X10 Junior Barn in back. Next to that is my bicycle. There is always a thick green lawn everywhere.

I made the decorative redwood pieces out of the 2000 year old 'old-growth' redwood found on the property. That's a stained glass window lit with LED's at night. As you can see, the RV is not white like most. The technology just became available to color fiberglass all the way through. The RV's color is almond.

Intimate walk-ways.


I upgraded my chair to a rocker. Here it is a hundred feet from my RV. No one else ever sits out here, so it might as well be my own private yard.

Between the foreground redwoods and the misty ones in the distance is the Eel River. I bike down to it.

More of the extensive park grounds. They're constantly mowing the lawns.


These grounds go on and on like this with many hidden intimate spots. I sometimes wander through by moonlight at night. This is the spot in the background of the painting I did for the park. Here it is: 16X20 oil on canvas:

That's Butch, one of the staff, with his dogs Jake and Bailey. Butch has done painting and he is having me teach him what I'm writing in my new book, The Engineering of Painting.

To the right is the stairs leading up to the tree house.


This is a shot right over the roof line of my RV. In between that hillside is Highway 101.


This is Stafford Road which loops around the area and park. I ride this daily on my bike.


More Stafford Road.


More of the extensive lawns. The Eel river behind those trees.





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