Pismo Coast Village RV Resort, CA

This may be the most prime California real estate I've stayed at. The park opens to Pismo Beach. Today the weather was like summer. I wouldn't have wanted it any warmer. The pool is 84 degrees and I have a miniature golf course.

I'll be off to visit San Louis Obispo ten miles north.


I like the mature trees in downtown San Louis Obispo.

Parallel to the street above runs a creek. That bridge opens on the other side to Mission San Louis Obispo. Before the mission, I had lunch at The Novo restaurant which looks down on the creek.

The mission is quite picturesque, so here:


Pismo Beach has a thing for car shows.

Well, back to sunset walks on the beach.

My first few days were warm – up to 80 degrees (in February?). It's cooling off for a few days and then warming again.



I installed a toilet that is the BMW of RV toilets. It is porcelain, not plastic, like a porcelain home toilet. That makes it so much easier to clean.

It comes with this accessory. I tried it once – oooh cold. It is great for cleaning the bowl though – or if you get suddenly thirsty while sitting :)

Next, I thought the bathroom door should celebrate the new toilet, so I did my Beaux Arts thing.

While I was at it, I added a second gold piece to the bin doors.

Next, I could use some entertainment while sitting doing artwork, so I got satellite TV and a home theater system.

I built this shelf over the bed area where I have my computer workstation. Samsung blue-ray/amp/receiver. In the middle, center channel. Then the satellite box. On the boom is my iPhone with HDMI adapter that goes into the system.

This is my terabyte external hard drive for the DVR function. It has room for tons of movies to access at my convenience.

That dome is the satellite dish. It has a servo motor inside that automatically finds the multiple transponders in the sky. There is no set-up. It only weighs nine pounds and has a carrying handle. I can place it on the roof like shown here, or with its fifty-foot cable, I can put it anywhere on the ground in case I need better access to the southern sky.
I just installed the whip antenna on the right. It is a VHF/UHF ham antenna. Now I have a total of seven antennas on my RV:)

There is my 19 inch TV below the iMac. On the bottom right is my Ham radio controller. I figured I might as well have everything in one place. Now I feel like I'm in one of those black-ops vans that has a communications center.

This is my wall-mounted sub-woofer and left channel speaker. Below is the Ham radio.

This is one of the rear speakers mounted on the ceiling. I was surprised by a bird flapping its wings past my head while watching Planet Earth.

Apparently I'm 3-D ready if I get a 3-D TV. This sign animates in 3-D on top of the receiver.

Fortunately I have the older unlimited data plan on Verizon. I can watch Netflix movies or YouTube movies through the home theater system with the use of this HDMI adapter. If you do some digging you can find full-length Hollywood movies on YouTube also.

When the HDMI is hooked up, you get this Netflix screen with controls.

In back of my iMac is this eyeTV box. It plugs into the satellite box via component video connections and then into my iMac via USB. The box encodes High Definition video into a Mac movie format that is recordable. I can take any movie into iMovie software and change it any way I want – delete a scene or sound I don't like. The satellite box won't keep pay-per-view movies but I can do it here. The eyeTV also plugs into my iPhone.
I got the full movie package from Direct TV, so now I have a fair selection of movies to watch. I pretty much ignore the channels that have commercials. All this stuff makes my place more like a home than a camper, except that it makes me more a happy camper :)


An RV neighbor approached me and asked about my Can Am bike. He is going to buy one now. He said, "Have you been to Splash Cafe?" "You don't know it? – it's world famous for its clam chowder – they were on the food channel."
"Okay, I will."

Well it was the thickest chowder I've ever seen, and they didn't skimp on the clam meat. On weekends, people line up around the corner just for take-out. Pismo is the clam capital of the world so it makes sense.

After that I took a walk out to add one more to my pier group.



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