Ventura Oaks RV Resort, Ventura County, CA

First stop, Ventura County, or in other words, John's RV add-ventura. I am ten miles into the mountains from the coast. This is the Ojai Valley area. An hour north of Los Angeles. It is so quiet here, that I turned off my external hard drive to hear complete silence. A dog bark echo is heard once in a while.

I had an awning installed for a little extra shade.

There is something every day here called the pink moment when the sun goes down and the mountains turn pink.

More purple-ish.

I visited here once in 1975 to hear a lecture from Krishnamurti. He gave an anti-guru talk: "Gurus are springing up like mushrooms."

"Ojai is situated in the Ojai Valley which include the unincorporated towns of Casitas Springs, Oak View, Mira Monte and Meiners Oaks. It is a popular retirement community and the major industry is agriculture. The excellent climate and natural beauty of Ojai, along with the area's hot mineral springs, have provided Ojai with a reputation as a place to rejuvenate the mind and body. There are several world-renowned spas and resorts in the area and there is widespread emphasis on wellness and good health among the residents of the area."

"The community has long been known as a haven for artists, musicians and health enthusiasts. A village ”as we locals call it”of about 8,000, Ojai is a vibrant place with so much natural beauty that it gained fame decades ago when the area was photographed to represent Shangri-La in the 1939 movie, The Lost Horizon."

Downtown Ojai is quaint. Only on the roads leading out are there a Vons, McDonalds, Bank of America, and Taco Bell.

This fake tree is the best disguised cell-phone tower I've seen yet. I did a double-take.

I sat in the old Mission church for a while. It is kind of trying to do the same thing my philosophy site is doing – decoratively making tangible concepts of ideas that are not normally defined in the physical world. The main difference is that here, the info is based on unverifiable text which is open to various interpretations.


I drove out to Ventura today. I parked my Can-Am on this street. The owner of a hair salon came out, went ga-ga over it and had me take her picture on it. Then she called out her next-door shop fiends to share her enthusiasm. "How fast does it go?" "Well, the speedometer says 200." "Wow!" "Your black pants and blue jacket match the bike – now all you need is a good haircut from me."

That is Father Junipero Sera looking down from City Hall. His local Mission is a block away.

The whole city is fairly well manicured like this.

Inside City Hall I admired the stained glass domes. The building is Beaux-Arts style. I'd like these on my RV but haven't figured out the hardware details yet.

Lots of cozy restaurant settings.

The Ventura pier.



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