Astoria KOA, Hammond, OR

Out to the coast do do a scenic drive up Washington. This is on the Border of Oregon and Washington on a small coastal peninsula.

The wax privets are in bloom here and are quite fragrant. If you RV here, be careful when getting a site. There are some ugly noisy sites here. I managed to get the best one out of hundreds, maybe because it was Sunday afternoon when weekend people had left. Back inside to my left is a wonderful enclosed private space – kind of like I have my own little grotto. I've never had my own completely enclosed space in an RV park before.

Pool in the high 80's and my first indoor. Free 'all you can eat' pancakes every morning – side orders, $2 extra. Miniature golf.

I'll come back and do the Oregon Coast later. Maybe on the way down.

The Columbia River Maritime Museum (Astoria) is what a MM should be. I had no idea that the nice water I was swimming in last week, became just a few miles down, the worst wave conditions on the planet. The RV park I'm in now is on the peninsula that meets those waves. But I haven't heard the ocean from here yet.

"The Columbia River Bar is where the enormous, swift-moving river, flowing like water from a fire hose, collides with he immense power of the Pacific Ocean. The two forces slam into each other at the entrance to the river creating the worst wave conditions on the planet."

Some 2000 ships have been done-in over the years. Even the huge vessels coming from Asia today have to be navigated by the local experts here. Most dock in Portland. This water transport is one reason the Spruce Goose came to this area.

Early mobile communications. This is so basic, I love it. Almost looks like something I'd try to build from one visit to Home Depot.

Then I toured The Flavel House Museum in Astoria. They've meticulously restored it to 1885 with all the trinkets inside. Mr. Flavel was the big honcho in town and everyone liked him too. Interesting perspective to go back in history.

Across the street from me is Fort Stevens. Oregon's biggest and most beautiful park. It is the what The Presidio (ex-military base) is to San Francisco. Lincoln had it built during the Civil War. Then in WW2 they expanded it. It was actually fired on by a Japanese sub. Most people don't think the US was ever fired upon by an enemy, but it happended, and not since 1810 by the British.
They have a museum and tours. It protected the Columbia River up until the late 1940's when air defence was more practical.

I saw a lot of civil war photos, but none as good looking as him.

Armed with leaf-blowers, I think it's debatable who won the Mexican American War :)

Where do they get these mannequins?

I'm thinking about getting a headset for my ipad. Hey guy, your's don't fit too well.

Barbara Streisand's son? No, the nose is wrong.

This is 1880 American. I thought only the German's had pointy tops. I think it's a little over the top, don't you?

Oh well, not any more than John's RV.

This place is big inside. Spooky too. WW2 stuff.

Really spooky. A great place for the ghost of radio past.

In WW1 times, the concussion from the guns would break windows in town. When ready to fire, these guys would run back, cover their ears, stand on their toes and blow out a breath. That would minimize the concussion.

All the belongings of a WW1 solder. I know how he feels having had to decide what and what not to keep for RV travel.

View from my RV spot.

Across the street at the beach. This is the most photographed shipwreck in the world. It's also the most photographed shipwreck with blue folding chair that fits in a Piaggio Scooter in the world :)

Sitting watching the sunset in the water. Waves came in and I almost got my butt wet a few times, so I kept moving back.

Shadow portrait.

The most photographed sunset with chocolate flavored cigar in the world. No I don't inhale. Just like the flavor. I'll just have to die from second hand smoke I guess.

Farewell, and back to my RV grotto. Nice pictorial composition.

There was a 5 foot 2X4 laying on my site. I don't know where it came from. But the Spruce Goose spirit called and I put it to use. I picked up a hand winch and bolted it on the 2X4. Then wing-nut bolts onto the scooter ramp. Now I can winch up instead of power up. Power up was a bit unstable and I never cared for it, but this is smooth, quiet and gentle. The hook that came with the winch's nylon strap hooks onto a bracket under the bike. I never knew what it was there for until now.

In back of me is this interesting dug out that bores down into a dry creek. Reminds me of Alice in Wonderland. I'm sure I'm late for the tea party.

I'm re-thinking my idea to cross over to Florida in mid-september. I'm really a moist lush forest guy. Maybe I should try the winter here in the Northwest and see how I like it. As long as I don't go too high in altitude, any snow should be manageable. I can always stay near the coast. I could dig into the Oregon Coast since it's supposed to be the most beautiful. I wasn't looking forward to crossing the Rockies anyway.



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